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Theories Of Forgetting

fc2, 2014
<p>The story of a filmmaker struggling to complete a documentary about Robert Smithson’s earthwork, The Spiral Jetty. The story of her husband & his slow disappearance in Jordan. The story in the marginalia added to his section by his daughter. All housed in a spiral structure & ultimately about the impossibility of remembering, the impossibility of forgetting.</p> <p><b class="bookTitleStyle">Theories of Forgetting</b> is a narrative composed of three parts. The first involves the story of Alana, a filmmaker struggling to complete a short experimental documentary about Robert Smithson’s famous earthwork, The Spiral Jetty, in the wake of having fallen victim to a pandemic called The Frost. The second involves the story of her husband, Hugh, owner of a bookstore in Salt Lake City, and his slow disappearance in Jordan while on a trip there both to remember and to forget. His vanishing may well be linked to the Sleeping Beauties, a rising global religious cult that worships barbiturates. The third involves the marginalia added to Hugh’s section by his daughter, Aila, an art critic living in Berlin. Aila discovers a manuscript by her father after his disappearance and tries to make sense of it by means of a one-sided “dialogue” with her estranged brother, Lance.</p>
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