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sewing shut my eyes

fc2, 2000
<p><b class="bookTitleStyle">Sewing Shut My Eyes</b> is an avant-pop concept album in prose—nine cuts, nine darkly satiric, deeply conflicted takes on how our socity has become all about watching.</p> <p>How one day we woke up, looked in the mirror, and saw these two television screens staring back at us.</p> <p>500 channels, and everything is on: sex, dwarfs, plane crashes, alien invasions, cyborgs, supermodels, side shows, dead poets, conjoined twins, cockroach conspiracies, the gender-blended, the genre-blasted . . . and, of course, always Mr. Blue-Eyed Death.</p> <p>The only thing left to do is start sewing shut our eyes.</p>
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