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Scherzi, I Believe

wordcraft of oregon, 1994

“Reminiscent of the British New Wave Movement at its best.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“In Scherzi, I Believe, we get the full range of Olsen’s craft and decidedly unsullen art, a kind of Whitman sampler of fictions, each selection different, but all filled with humor, dazzle, and a reality that realism seldom achieves. . . . Here is a collection to water a parched place with laughter, delight, and that rarest of commodities as we approach the third millennium: intelligence.”

Thomas Kennedy, Iowa Review

Scherzi, I Believe . . . is a series of five-finger exercises, fables, urban legends, prose poems, anecdotes/aphorisms, experimental pieces and exercises in magical realism, many of which are set in a kind of quiet suburban hell filled with scenes of manic domesticity, stories which often revolve around invasions of the fantastic, the bizarre, into the everyday.”

Richard Calder, Science Fiction Eye

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