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My Red Heaven

dzanc, 2020
<p>Set on a single day in 1927, <b>My Red Heaven</b> imagines a host of characters––some historic, some invented––crossing paths on the streets of Berlin.</p> <p>The subjects include Robert Musil, Otto Dix, Werner Heisenberg, Anita Berber, Vladimir Nabokov, Käthe Kollwitz, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Rosa Luxemburg––as well as others history has forgotten: a sommelier, a murderer, a prostitute, a pick-pocket, and several ghosts.</p> <p>Drawing inspiration from Otto Freundlich’s painting by the same name, <b>My Red Heaven</b> explores a complex moment in history: the rise of deadly populism at a time when everything seemed possible and the future unimaginable.</p>
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