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Hideous Beauties

Eraserhead Press, 2003
<p><b class="bookTitleStyle">Hideous Beauties</b> is a collection of a dozen fictions exploring the nexus where image and language kiss.</p> <p>Each of ten pieces in it is based on a photograph, painting, sketch, collage, or assemblage by an artist of the strange: Hans Bellmer, Ed Kienholz, Joel-Peter Witkin, Andy Warhol, Max Ernst, Dorthea Lange, Leonardo da Vinci, John William Waterhouse, Hugo Simberg, Paul Delvaux.</p> <p>In the universe called <b class="bookTitleStyle">Hideous Beauties</b>, death is a village of mermaids, millennial sex a radical form of digestion, and suburbia a hunchbacked dwarf at your door who just won’t go away.</p>
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