there by lance olsen

[[ there. ]]
anti-oedipus press, 2014

Part trash diary about his 5-month stay in Berlin & part crifictional meditation on the confluence of travel, curiosity, paying attention, & innovative writing practices, [[ there. ]] is a wide-ranging collage comprised of observations, recollections, quotations, & theoretical reflections.


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in memoriam to postmodernism
sdsu press, 1995

Essays on the Avant-Pop by Larry McCaffery, Ronald Sukenick, Eurudice, Takayuki Tatsumi, Curtis White, Brooks Landon, Martin Schecter, Steven Shaviro, David Blair, Michael Joyce, Harry Polkinhorn, Raymond Federman, Harold Jaffe, Don Webb.

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lolita: a janus text
twayne, 1995

"[Olsen] quickly and clearly creates historical and theoretical frames and then uses them to support analyses of the novel, adding detail to detail and connection to connection until the intellectual ante is raised." —Robert L. McLaughlin, Review of Contemporary Fiction

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surfing tomorrow
potpourri, 1995, editor

Essays on the future of American fiction by Mark Amerika, Ron Carlson, Omar Castaneda, Fred Chappell, Kelly Cherry, Tracy Daugherty, Janice Eidus, Raymond Federman, George Garrett, Frederick R. Karl, Thomas E. Kennedy, Brooks Landon, Larry McCaffery, Steven Moore, Robert A. Morace, Marjorie Perloff, Eric Rabkin, Lewis Shiner, Ronald Sukenick, Curtis White, Alan Wilde, Robley Wilson.

william gibson
starmont house, 1992
& wildside books, 2012

"Olsen is one of the liveliest critics writing today . . . . [William Gibson] is a revealing and rewarding study. . . . an essential book for everyone interested in the movement which revolutionized science fiction over the last decade." —Paul Kinkaid, Vector

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circus of the mind in motion
wayne state, 1990

"Circus of the Mind in Motion is an elegant and informed analysis of postmodern fiction and the forms that are shaping its comic vision within the labyrinths of language and experience." —Ben Stolzfus, International Review of Fiction

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ellipse of uncertainty
greenwood, 1987

"The greatest strengths of Ellipse of Uncertainty are eclecticism and intellectual stimulation. It is rare in these days of the densely argued monograph and the abstruse theoretical tome to be taken on so pleasurable a switchback ride through some of the more (and the less) well-known postmodernist texts. . . . An intellectually invigorating book." —Richard Toby Widdicombe, Extrapolation

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